The Punch and Judy Show has been with us in the UK, in one form or another, for well over 300 years. Such longevity has been achieved, in part, by the ability of its best practitioners to present a performance relevant to the audience of the day. Punch has always been bang up to date.

When I watch other Punch shows, I enjoy the ones that manage to be both ‘time- loved and Traditional' - and also 'Topical' and Entertaining for a modern audience. I like to think mine is this sort of Show.

I am justifiably proud of my Puppets. They are pleasant looking, bright and colourful, of a good size, well made and superbly dressed. They are as splendid a set of Punch figures as you will find anywhere in the UK. But as I carve and costume them all myself in my own workshops, then I would say that wouldn’t I? You can judge for yourself from the photos. I built all my own Theatres too, they are good-looking, clean and well cared for and always cut a dash when they are set up and on display.

A quality booth always creates a nice impression and lets the crowd know they are in for a good show even before they see a single puppet. Everything is as you’d expect: The distinctive red and white striped Booth with ornate Proscenium and velvet trimmed Playboard.

I use the proper swazzled voice for Mr.Punch. And all the favourite characters are there, from Old Red-Nosed Mr.Punch himself to Judy, the crying Baby, the Crocodile and the sausages, the Policeman. Joey the Clown and the Devil.

The Show itself is fast paced and witty, without being overly repetitive. There is the slapstick knockabout you’d expect, but also a variety of visual humour and gags. And that is why I find it goes down well with all age groups.

All Ages

Parents and Grandparents will have their childhood memories of 'Shows by the Seaside' rekindled; whilst today's generation of television-fed children will also be enthralled by the fast pace and colourful puppets.

Each performance is tailored to the event and the assembled crowd. It can play to a group of young children or to an entirely adult audience; or any mix in between. I especially enjoy performing at public events that draw a mixed crowd, or at Parties where Parents and Grandparents sit and watch along with their Children.


I can incorporate plenty of audience interaction and “He’s Behind You!” and “Oh yes You DID!” if the crowd are up for it. But my show is not reliant on audience participation and shouting to keep it going; it runs on it’s own energy, and can play even if the watchers are shy or not verbally responsive.



Shows can range from 10 minute ‘quickies’ through to 45 Minutes - depending on the event and number of shows required. I already have far more puppets than could be squeezed into even the longest of shows, And I am building new puppets and extra routines all the time. That way, if I am performing several Shows in a day; at a Fete for example , I can vary the performances as much as possible in case people see more than one Show.

Ghosts, Monsters, Punchs’ Horse, the Doctor, the Beadle, a Bishop, the Sasauge-Machine, Mr.‘Long-Neck’, Toby the Dog, Samuel Pepys, Jack Ketch, topical Politicians, Plate-Spinners, the Boxing Match, a four piece Marching Band and even Joeys’ own miniature Punch and Judy Show are all waiting in the wings ...which will pop up in the performance you see?