As popular today as it ever was, a Punch and Judy Show is a welcome site, that can liven up any Event.
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These days you are more likely to find Mr. Punch at a Birthday Party or ShoppingCentre, than at the Seaside. I have performed my show at a wide range of functions and venues. But I am open to surprises if you can come up with a new and unusual one. So far there have been Birthday Parties, Fetes, Village Fayres, Shopping Centres, Puppet Festivals, Holiday Camps, Conferences & Corporate Events, Fund-raisers, Schools, Ex-Sercivemens’ Parades and Weddings. All of those are self explanatory really. But think outside of the box a bit ...the Birthday Party doesn't have to be a Childrens’ Party.

I have had a giggle prforming at 50th and 60th still get cake and jelly, and Punch’s antics still go down very well ! Summer Events, be they Village Fetes, Agricultural Shows, Well-Dressings or School Fun & Sports Days are all par for course too.

Weddings are the thing on the list that seems to surprise some people. But Why not ? When you think about it , it is an ideal engagement: Everyone is always wants to have something new and special at their Function. And at Weddings there are many different generations gathered together, all of whom will be in a good mood, and up for some entertainment.



Yes, people always imagine they have booked the Show just for the children, and indeed the show may start with only a handful of bridesmaids and the younger guests watching. But it wont have been underway more than a few minutes, and you can be sure that only the die-hard-drinkers will be left at the Bar: all the Wedding Guests will have gathered around the booth, and be laughing and shouting along.

If your Wedding Event is held in one location, with the Wedding Breakfast mid afternoon , and the Party running on into the evening : then a Punch Show goes down very well at say 7pm. Children are often getting restless by then, and it gives your DJ a half hour rest, and varies the day a bit. The older Generations tend to enjoy a bit of a respite from the Disco music, and they love the nostalgia of Punch and Judy. While I am putting up the theatre, feed me extra information about the Best Mans Speech or the Stag/Hen night, and Joey the Clown will have some extra material to keep the crowds giggling.


You can of course have your Wedding Show at any time of day you like, but in the premium Summer Months, Fetes and Fayres make a heavy call on weekend bookings; so an early evening show will usually guarantee a performance on the day you require. In the overall cost of a Wedding these days, a bit of ‘Punch’ is a drop in the ocean ...but in terms of value for money it is a real winner and always a crowd-pleaser. If the ‘Wedding Present List’ has left you stumped for what to get the Happy Couple, then it also makes a welcome Wedding Gift. Just make sure the organisers of the venue and the DJ know it is happening, and not a total surprise!

A word of advice; Summer Events need to be booked as early as you can. As soon as your date is fixed, give me a call. May to August gets full fast thanks to all the local Village Fetes, Agricultural Shows, Well-Dressings or School Fun & Sports Days. Don't forget Old Red Nose is also a welcome guest at your Christmas parties! But please book early!

Book Early


My rates are calculated by whether yours is a ‘single show’ event, (like a Birthday Party or a Wedding ), or requires a succession of shows throughout the day (As with a Fayre, Shopping Centre or Festival ). My ‘home’ area is obviously within the Lichfield / Burton Rugeley/Tamworth radius. However I will tavel anywhere within the UK to perform, but prices will be tailored to account for the distance, time and petrol involved.






Phone me on 01283 792 959 for a quote. Or visit the Contacts page for a quick link to my E-mail.