indoors or outdoors?



I have many booths in my 'arsenal' of theatres: each suited to the needs of different indoor and outdoor venues.

Outdoor Theatres are covered with waterproof canvass and can withstand light rainshowers. Indoor theatres have the same traditional red and white candy-stripe look, but are short enough to fit in modern housing, and their fabric coverings are of lighter non weatherproof cloth.

The Indoor theatres are of a simple construction and will assemble very fast. Where height is restriced indoors , only the low section of Proscenium Arch can be fitted. For Schools with high roofed Halls, I very often opt to use an Outdoor Theatre inside.


The ‘Outdoor’ Theatre is eye catching and looks good in any setting. Its striped cover is weatherproof canvas and comes with guy-ropes and bunting. It can use either the short Proscenium alone, or if the day isn’t too windy, it can sport this extra high centre piece to make an even more impressive display.

Sunny day

Having built my puppets myself, I made them good size. They are quite a bit bigger than most use. Although a handful of other performers have also realised that bigger puppets means extra visibility from the back of a crowd.

Please note, that if you are planning an outdoor event, the crowds will not stay and watch a Show whilst getting soaked . So it is always best to have a 'Plan B' for bad weather, as fees will still need to be paid even if your function is ‘rained-off’.


All Theatres have sound systems and speakers that are battery run, so the show can be set up in a Park, or in the middle of a field. Anywhere in fact, so long as I can drive my Panel-Van close to the performance area for unloading.

As you can see where possible I like to site my van behind the theatre when working outdoors, this makes setting up and clearing easier. It also gives dry storage space for the puppets if the day becomes rainy.

I provide everything and only require an Audience. I pack a large Tarpaulin for the crowd to sit on.

I find if a multitude descends ( and it often does !) then adults are happy to stand at the back, while the children sit at the front.


But Indoors or Outdoors, this Punch & Judy Show will add a touch of Excitement, Razzle-Dazzle and Fun to any Event.