Have punch will travel centre


For overseas Festivals or Corporate Bookings I have a separate ‘Aeroplane - Booth’.

It was initially built for a trip to Dubai in where I was booked for 3 weeks at the Italian Renaissance themed Mercato Mall. The Proscenium for this Theatre is different from my UK ones. This is partly because it is made from lighter materials for ease of transport , but also to allow me to make specialised centre panels for each trip abroad.



Luggage restrictions differ widely for different Countries and Airlines. My foreign travel Theatre is totally self contained from any of my other booths . So if you book early enough it can be flown or shipped out to your event in advance by freight.

This leaves only my puppets to travel with me and can make for a simpler journey.

The Mercato Mall did a splendid job of creating an atractive audience space using some blue carpet, scatter cushions and barriers. It really set off the Booth well.


In August 2007 I was lucky enough to attend the 3rd International Puppet Festival In Almonte Canada. I was representing the Punch and Judy Fellowship, and was the only Punch show there alongside marrionette, sod, glove and shadow shows from all over Canada, the US and Europe.

Travel Bags

Even taking the Theatre with me, this is the total luggage required to take the show abroad!


I am happy to report that Mr Punch was a big hit with the Canadians, most of whom had never seen a Punch and Judy Show before. Joining in the Street Parade of Puppets between shows was fun too.

Thanks to 'Des the Pres, Noreen, Stepahnie and Ridgleley for making it possible.