that's the way to do it!

a belief in quality

A Pantomime or a Punch and Judy Show can often be the first taste of actual Live Entertainment many children experience. As such , both these forms of Theatre have a big responsibility to carry. They should strive to be the very best they can be, and provide a show that is colourful entertaining, of the highest quality and above all FUN.


There are a lot of Shows to choose from out there. If the Show was lacklustre, or the puppets and theatre were shabby and tatty , then perhaps you don’t have much of a good word to say for our National Puppet?



The whole experience should be about laughter and FUN. My show is fast paced and witty. All age groups love it. Parents and Grandparents bask in the feeling of nostalgia, and the children enjoy it because it is funny and unpatronising. All my Theatres are smart and bright, the puppets are big & colourful. ColourfullBig

So for Punch and Judy and Pantomimes, if you see a really good one, it stays with you forever. Especially if you watched it with several generations of your family all together, and all having a good time.

There are some top-notch Punch Shows about, and I am proud to count myself in that number.

Make it entertaining,

make it quality,

make it funny !